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Search Engine Optimisation Service

WebArtistuk don't just create websites, we also offer search engine optimisation (seo) as a service aka internet marketing . This form of marketing is used to get your website ranking well in search engines.

Our SEO consultants AKA Internet Marketing Consultants have been providing a professional SEO service for a number of years now. They have a vast amount of knowledge with proven techniques used to effectively rank your website high on search engines for any keyword you desire. There are other company's out there that provide an SEO service from outside the UK but we provide SEO in the UK and have great customer relations and practice principals because of it.

Our SEO Consultants are always here to help our clients and therefore will constantly keep in contact to ensure the website is always on point with what is needed in regards to the SEO Campaign. We will also provide you with in depth analysis of the progression which you will find only available from London SEO Consultants such as ourselves.

. With enough time and effort invested into the SEO, your website will eventually reach page one of Google and generate a huge chunk of traffic. (75% of Google users only view pages on page one results with 20% viewing page 2 and the remainder of 5% for the rest).

What will we do for you?

On page SEO Service

With SEO, there is a lot of work that needs to be undertaken in order to expand your brand in the online market to produce a high search engine positions. To simplify the explanation, there are two main things to consider when doing an SEO service for your website.

The first is On Page Optimisation which is the process of ensuring your website is search engine friendly by ensuring that it follows the rules and regulation that Google sets out in order for a website to reach optimum results on search engines. There are a lot of steps to follow in order to get this right.

The following is a few of the tasks we will carry out when doing your ON PAGE SEO (NOT listed in importance of order): -

First of all you need to ensure the keywords that you selected to rank for is correctly formatted into the text of your website and follows the accurate keyword density.
Most SEO company's don't even know about this, and think they can stuff however many keywords they wish and think it will produce the results for them, but research shows that Google punishes websites for doing this as it will appear to them as keyword spamming.
In the eyes of Google, this is cheating! As they too provide a service that requires them to produce results users wish to see, and if users start seeing pages that contains a bunch of keywords stuffed into a page then it is a threat to Google as there users might decide to use alternative service's such as Bing and yahoo. The worst thing about it is that if Google punishes your website, then you could be completely erased from Google's database then therefore never be seen on Google's last page let alone page one!

Secondly you will need to contain a script inside your html code to help Google determine the keywords it should look out for. This is known as a meta-tag and is very effective when used correctly. It will also contain information within the tag that Google may use when displaying your add on their search results. Thirdly, we will insert contextual links inside your website that links to other parts of your site, well also insert an xml sitemap that helps Google locate the pages within your website which ensures Google finds your content easily resulting in good search engine performance. Fourth, well also regularly update your websites content on certain pages that will make your website seem as though it has a lot of fresh content in the eyes of Google.

Off page SEO Service

Now for the off page optimization, which is the process of making your website visible on other peoples websites. The main objective here is to create links on other people's website that links back to yours when clicked by a viewer. This type of link is known as a backlink and can be seen as a voting system as sites containing your link will effectively be seen by Google as a vote for your website. This process not only helps rank your website on Google but it also can provide traffic from other websites as a referral which is a great bonus in terms of visitors to your page.

There is one key thing to remember here, and this is the quality of the backlinks. You need to ensure your backlink isn't located on a spamming website such as a link farm (websites that are solely used to spam backlinks) as this will effectively remove your site from Google's database when caught. Sadly though, many SEO companies do use this method and will end up ruining your business.

Another important issue to address is the rank of the websites your links are posted to. Google has a page rank associated with every website which ranges from 1-10. Our links will be of page rank 4-8 which will ensure your website looks strong in the eyes of Google. The following is a few of the tasks we will carry out when doing your OFF PAGE SEO (NOT listed in importance of order): -

Firstly we will write articles for you and publish your articles to famous high traffic generating websites with a link to your website within the text. This is known as article marketing, and is a useful technique for building good backlinks. This is also an effective way of generating traffic from the website the article is located in, because users will have a chance to read about your product and might be pitched into visiting your website from there. Secondly, we will create social bookmarking accounts for your website. We will then post links to your website on posts for the community to see what your site is about. This is also effective for both direct traffic as well as Google page rank and is a vital technique used by SEO companies. Thirdly, there will be forum accounts created for you with your link posted on the profile and signature. This is an effective method used for getting your page rank high and is widely used by companies that offer SEO services. Fourth, we will post comments on blogs related to your website. Again, this is another effective method used for generating backlinks and will effectively increase your page rank for your website. This is an SEO technique used by all the major SEO marketing consultants

The following is a price list of all our SEO Service Offers: -

  • Small Business (10 Keywords SEO) £499 per month
  • Large Business (20 Keywords SEO) £799 per month
  • Corporate Business (30++ Keywords SEO) £999 per month