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UK Web Design Basics

The most common pitfall in UK web design (and even everywhere) is the focus on the visual styling aspect, instead of the focus on an overall branding strategy. When a visitor views your company website, you should be able to communicate your brand – your company's ethos, and the kind and quality of service you provide. Some web designers get side-tracked on the styling, and fail to work on these effectively. Effective UK web design has the following characteristics.

1 – Clear and solid brand message. This can be done by making sure there is consistency because you can leave a good impression only when the customer is aware that it is your company's website, the whole time he/she is viewing the pages. The website should also be designed as to enable the company to stress its points without causing too much hassle to the customer.

2. Fast load-time. There are thousands of websites in the internet and you can easily lose a customer over a competitor if your website takes ages to load. This can be achieved by optimizing html (no unnecessary tags or scripts) and compressing images adequately. While an image-rich site has its good points, it also results to increased page loading duration

3. Ease of navigation. Online customers have very short attention spans, and if it takes them a lot of time to figure out how to get from one section to another, you run the risk of them running off to a competitor's website. Make sure that all important links are found on the homepage or some spot where they can easily click on it, such as the top of the page.

4. Intuitive. Good UK web design calls for ease of use. Aside from ease of navigation, your website should have applications that would make the overall customer experience better. For example, your brochures should be well-categorized and a search function would be nice. The payment system should also be intuitive.

5. Targeted. While the web design company would generally not take care of your website content development, the format and the style should target your market.

This is not an exhaustive list of the basics that make up good UK web design but its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure that your website design service provider can hit these requirements.